Saul's Portfolio

Business Cases I've Managed

Quick Check: Strategic Development Business Case

My Role: Agile Product Manager

Business Problem: Improve current state of operations and online sales

Solution: I provided a variety of recommendations to improve online sales, focusing on short and long term goals to expand brand recognition, customer adoption, and improving the overall customer experience.

Copy of QuickCheck / Murphy USA Case Study

Five Guys x Grubhub: API Ordering Confirmation Product

My Role: Agile Product Manager

Business Problem: Order confirmation flow with Five Guys

Solution: API Integration into POS ordering system

I worked closely with the Five Guys executive team who were eager to be an early adopter to 3rd party delivery, however, they opposed the current process which required additional Grubhub branded hardware in each restaurant. To resolve this, I managed an innovative zero to one process, to build out an integration API for their stores. Once I understood the clients needs, I built out a robust user journey map to detail the process from order to pick up. I was able to build a business case through this approach, collaborating with product teams on each side to build out a POS integration across their corporate and franchise locations, growing the store footprint to over 1000 locations in 6 months.

WeWork x Vouch: Application API Product

My Role: Partnership and UX Research Manager

Business Problem: User acquisition for WeWork tenants

Solution: Vouch API application widget added to WeWork portal

WeWork rolled out a new initiative that required all US tenants to attain basic insurance or face a monthly fine per desk. After collaborating with their partnerships team to understand their business goals, I positioned Vouch as the preferred insurance provider and worked with Marketing to create materials that could be readily distributed within the WeWork offices and backend portal, to build brand awareness. Next I collaborated with the WeWork team to build out a user flow map and highlight areas we could place a Vouch application API button within their tenant portal. I walked the Vouch product team through this process, highlighting the need for speed and reducing drop off. I managed a 3 week turnaround to get the Vouch application button live on the WeWork portal, this lead to 3000 new customer applications within 2 months. 

Umami Burger x Grubhub: Snapchat Marketing Campaign

My Role: Product Marketing Manager

Business Problem: Increase brand conversion in the West Coast market

Solution: Personalized Snapchat campaign

Umami Burger was a young, up-and-coming brand that was looking to push the limits with marketing. I knew this could be a great strategic win to grow Grubhub's West Coast user base, and I wanted to bring something new and innovative to the table. I met with the Umami team and highlighted the new “Impossible Burger” to be featured through the Grubhub Snapchat channel as a marketing promotion. I drafted up a business case to forecast order expectations, and collaborated with the marketing team to set up a Snapchat filter which would allow users to add an “Impossible Burger” emoji into their personal posts. Along with this we contracted an Instagram influencer, filmed a promo video, and featured this on both the Grubhub and Umami channels. Through managing this initiative, I measured a 220% increase in Umami Burger orders in the LA market over the following month.

Nestle x Uber: Driver Text Message Product

My Role: Agile Product Manager

Business Problem: Improve supply chain delivery time 

Solution: Implement reminder text messages 

During a QBR meeting with Nestle CPG executives, they highlighted that driver on-time pick up was below expectations and Uber would be losing market share if this continued. After reviewing the data dashboards, I conducted a case study by interviewing 10 drivers I had highlighted as frequent offenders. Through these interviews, I determined that the drivers were scheduling pick-ups up to a week in advance, and forgetting the time and details they needed. With this information, I collaborated with the Uber product team to implement a text message campaign for Nestle CPG shipments that would send periodic reminders to drivers, without being overbearing. I determined 3 messages would be sent in intervals of; 72 hours, 24 hours, and 1 hour from pic-up. Through this innovative approach, Uber’s performance rose from 75% to 94%, placing us as a top 3 partner for Nestle CPG

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