About Me

I bring 10 years of experience in strategic client management, product development, and UX Design & Research with a consistent record of process improvement and customer growth. 

On the work front I bring a passion for curiosity, and like to seek out disruptive ideas and industries. The world is evolving quickly and consumers have more options than ever, I love to learn about and be part of new, innovative concepts as they develop and understand how new ideas or products can improve the user experience on every level.

In my career I've gravitated toward companies that have a different approach and are on the forefront of change. In my roles, I take a holistic approach to the customer journey, working cross-functionally to ask questions about why we do something a certain way and provide an intuitive approach on how we can improve the customer journey and increase market reach.

In my free time, I prioritize education and community. Whether it be staying up on industry trends, learning new skills, or volunteering with my local chamber of commerce; I believe building deeper roots in the community and helping others thrive is key to building a better future for all.

I'm located in the beautiful city of Chicago, IL

You might find me in the kitchen learning new recipes such as Mango Sticky rice!

Most days you'll hear Grateful Dead playing around the house.

In my free time I enjoy volunteering in the community and helping my mentee, Angel.


Bachelor of Arts, International Relations

Professional Diploma in UX Design & Research